Arkansas Dachshunds

UPDATED: June 12, 2021

Leo & Aubree   Unfortunately we did not have puppies in December of 2019 with Leo & Aubree.

Good News is we are expecting puppies with Leo and Aubree by the due date of 6-19-20!  Dapples, Black and tans, possible smooth and longhair litter. DOB:6/24/20




Fannie Pants aka Fannie having fun on the skateboard!


Upcoming Litters 2021

Leo & Salsa----May RTG August 2021

Leo & Roxy----April RTG June 2021

Leo & Fannies puppies should be here December 8th 2019 and RTG the second week of February right before Valentine's Day!  This is a longhair litter! We are expecting to have maybe some black and tans, chocolate and tans, reds, or creams!  Leonardo Da Vinci AKA Leo enjoys reading, swimming, and herding ducks part-time!  Ha ha !  Fannie is pretty, photogenic, and she can't help but be the center of attention!  These two sweethearts really are the perfect match! If you check my nursery page you can see the beautiful healthy babies that were whelped on the due date!

Leo & Roxy's First Litter was whelped on January 23rd!!



Marco & Roxy 

Call or text when I have available puppies on my nursery page.

She had her three healthy beautiful puppies June the 6th 2019.


Please keep checking back for next upcoming litters!

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