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The very best part of raising dachshund puppies besides the adorable fur babies that I love so much is the wonderful people that I get to meet and even become friends with. So below as I take this wonderful journey I will be adding some of the shared photos and memories of the new owners and my babies new homes in the future.  And please always reach out if you would like to add your favorite photo of you with your fur baby!  I will also be adding some great reviews I recieved from previous owners along the way!  And thank you all for the wonderful loving homes you provided for my puppies!

"Brody is a very well behaved and very good looking dachshund!  He turns heads and loves to meet new people everywhere we go.  He loves to play fetch and go on walks, and when we're inside he is the perfect lap dog. I am very happy with this dog! "  Logan Bevill

"Amanda has been awesome since the moment my husband and I inquired her about getting a puppy.  She was so helpful through the whole process and is very susceptible to questions.  Thanks to her we have our adorable new addition to the family."  Paloma Salazar 

"I brought home a beautiful long haired dachshund female from Amanda and she is the sweetest, best natured dachshund.  Amanda is a wonderful, big hearted woman that definitely takes pride in her dachshunds and it shows!  Her puppies are well socialized, sweet natured and get the top of the line care!  I work for the vet that Amanda takes her puppies to and they all come in great health and by far the best taken care of!  They are all up to date on vaccinations, wormer, and any vet care that is needed!  If you are looking for a dachshund I highly recommend getting one from Amanda and you wont be disappointed!  We love our sweet Peaches and spread the word about Amanda's dachshunds to everyone we know!"  Daria Smith

Tucker & Coco are from our very first litter....the two sweet brothers are best friends and adopted by Tammy and her family!  

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