Arkansas Dachshunds

        At Amanda's Lake Dachs we mostly have miniature and tweenie puppies. Once in awhile standard sizes for our dachshund puppies.  Our parent purebred AKC dachshunds are used as a guide for the expected sizes of our puppies.  Sizes, color, and pattern are not guaranteed. A miniature dachshund is 9-11 pounds.  A "tweenie" size is between 11-16 pounds. A standard dachshund is 16-32 pounds. Puppies from the same litter will vary in physical characteristics and can grow to different sizes.

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Updated    12-04-21
Fannie   &   Batman (AKC parents below) 
Litter due November 18th 2021!   Contact me soon after puppies photos are available!   This is a longhair litter with possible colors of chocolate & tan, reds, isabella.

Photos of puppies here  December 4th!   
shaded red boy longhair (adopted), and Shaded red girl longhair (adopted).  

Next Upcoming Litter Frankie & Jesse
February 24th
  Photos of puppies will be here March 25th 2022.  shaded reds, black & tans, dapples expected.  16-20 lbs. adult size!


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Fannie Pants

Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.   I require a $300 deposit to hold a puppy until ready to go to new home.  We will have any available puppies on our nursery page.  Please check our upcoming litters page for future expected litters. We do reserve the right to first pick of any puppy from our litters.  Thank you very much for your interest in my dachshunds, and we hope you find your sweet fur baby and forever family member with us!
This is first come first serve  basis.  Due dates will be available, so please reach out to me soon as puppies pictures are posted on nursery! All Males are $1,200 pet price only.
Females are $1,400 pet price only.